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US-2005125690-A1: Method for controlling an instruction memory of an embedded system patent, US-2006060931-A1: Standard micro-component for calibrating or standardizing fluorescence measuring instruments and biochip comprising same patent, US-2006236429-A1: Cloning and characterization of microRNAs from rice patent, US-2007044868-A1: Ti-based shape memory alloy article patent, US-2007088707-A1: Method for providing extensible software components within a distributed synchronization system patent, US-2007174078-A1: Walk through system and method patent, US-2007269987-A1: Polishing Liquid for Cmp Process and Polishing Method patent, US-2007300192-A1: Method for Optimizing of Pipeline Structure Placement patent, US-2008104025-A1: Method and system for efficient execution and rendering of client/server interactive applications patent, US-2008132699-A1: Process For the Preparation of Diazine Derivatives patent, US-2008168787-A1: Local air conditioning system for vehicle and method of controlling local air conditioning unit patent, US-2008177031-A1: Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding cancer associated antigens, the antigens per se, and uses thereof patent, US-2008289790-A1: Casting Method and Casting Plant For Carrying Out the Method patent, US-2009227714-A1: Resin composition and semiconductor device using the same patent, US-2009266410-A1: Vacuum processing apparatus, vacuum processing method, electronic device, and electronic device manufacturing method patent, US-2010074591-A1: Determining Parameters for Trick Modes of Video Programs patent, US-2003203128-A1: Fluorene derivatives and their polymers patent, US-2003206483-A1: Mixing apparatus for injecting fluid into a gas stream patent, US-2003210850-A1: System and method to calibrate an optical cross-connect patent, US-2004003911-A1: Apparatus for molding molten materials patent, US-2004009372-A1: Magnetic recording medium and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2004050696-A1: NOx measurement apparatus patent, US-2004104915-A1: Graphic computing apparatus patent, US-2004115635-A1: Modulation of PTPN13 expression patent, US-2004191407-A1: Method for forming thin film and apparatus therefor patent, US-2004231374-A1: Damper for washing machine patent, US-2005203705-A1: Vehicle driving control device and vehicle control unit patent, US-2005248931-A1: Sensor activated door handle light patent, US-2006082958-A1: Electronic equipment patent, US-2006136474-A1: Customer service automatic answering system and method patent, US-2006141309-A1: Fuel cell system and method of starting fuel cell system patent, US-2006148049-A1: Gene disrupted yeast patent, US-2006231318-A1: High impact fire proctection system patent, US-2006236154-A1: Failure detection improvement apparatus, failure detection improvement program, failure detection improvement method patent, US-2006244362-A1: Vacuum vessel and electron emission display using the vacuum vessel patent, US-2006274795-A1: Femtosecond laser device having output stabilizing mechanism patent, US-2007037351-A1: Method of fabricating a resistance based memory device and the memory device patent, US-2007124293-A1: Audio search system patent, US-2007187054-A1: Paper for card, method for producing same and playing cards patent, US-2007272653-A1: Method for Orientation Treatment of Electronic Functional Material and Thin Film Transistor patent, US-2008025319-A1: Techniques to expedite retransmission of ARQ blocks using temporal relationships in wireless networks patent, US-2008063746-A1: Injection molding mechanism capable of shortening injection molding process patent, US-2008111140-A1: Light-emitting diode patent, US-2008242063-A1: Solder composition doped with a barrier component and method of making same patent, US-2008254536-A1: Method of elevating photosynthesis speed of plant by improving pyruvate phosphate dikinase patent, US-2009083304-A1: Enterprise service oriented architecture for large file handling with document management system patent, US-2009218804-A1: Photo album patent, US-2010016409-A1: Rna Nanoparticles and Nanotubes patent, US-2010051809-A1: Monolithic Dual Band Imager patent, US-2004025722-A1: Method and apparatus for screen printing numbers patent, US-2004072079-A1: Negative electrode current collector, negative electrode using the same, and non aqueous electrolytic secondary cell patent, US-2004082439-A1: Exercise recording and training apparatus patent, US-2004165315-A1: Base seat for a sled motor patent, US-2004174228-A1: High-frequency circuit and high-frequency package patent, US-2004184910-A1: Circuit configuration for fan regulation patent, US-2004208327-A1: Microphone bias circuit patent, US-2005149888-A1: Method and apparatus for minimizing weighted networks with link and node labels patent, US-2005167069-A1: Papermaking press felt and papermaking press apparatus patent, US-2005214656-A1: Process for producing a mask patent, US-2005214873-A1: Antibody for isolating and/or identifying mesenchymal stem cells, and method for isolating and/or identifying mesenchymal stem cells patent, US-2006014144-A1: Pseudonucleotide comprising an intercalator patent, US-2006079073-A1: Fabrication method of nitride semiconductors and nitride semiconductor structure fabricated thereby patent, US-2007030915-A1: Receiver Block Providing Signal Quality Information in a Communication System with Signal Constellation not Having multiple Symbols in Same Angle patent, US-2007289077-A1: Multifunction device for use with a variety of means for home cleaning- works patent, US-2008002037-A1: Image processing device and method patent, US-2008020171-A1: Lubricant For Recording Medium And Magnetic Disk patent, US-2008118936-A1: Polyclonal antibodies against fibrinogen degradation products and associated methods of production and use patent, US-2008212048-A1: Substrate processing method and substrate processing system patent, US-2008218410-A1: Always-on satellite positioning receiver patent, US-2009017729-A1: Polishing pad and methods of improving pad removal rates and planarization patent, US-2009063485-A1: Finding superlatives in an unordered list patent, US-2009076267-A1: Transition metal phosphine complex, method for producing same, and anticancer agent containing transition metal phospine complex patent, US-2009101573-A1: Waste water treatment apparatus and waste water treatment method patent, US-2009129059-A1: Light collecting sheet-laminated light diffuser plate patent, US-2009280919-A1: Golf putting practice device, method for practicing putting using same, and method for advertising using same patent, US-2009297131-A1: Method and apparatus for encoding video streams patent, US-2010030175-A1: Absorbent article patent, US-2010044545-A1: Christmas tree stand patent, US-2010115310-A1: Disk array apparatus patent, US-2010122846-A1: Boring green-hydro, cryo vertical drilling patent, US-2003226692-A1: Leading body for ground drilling and ground drilling machine patent, US-2004039365-A1: Drug solution container with a connector for communicating patent, US-2004066314-A1: System and method for utilizing a pasteurization sensor patent, US-2004131021-A1: Base station device and packet transmission method patent, US-2004157927-A1: Pharmaceutical combination comprising either (s)-2-ethoxy-3-[4-(2-{4-methane sulfonyl oxyphenyl} ethoxy) phenyl] propanoic acid or 3-{-4-[2-(4-tert-butoxy carbonyl aminophenyl) ethoxy] phenyl}-(s)-2-ethoxy propanoic acid and a sulonylurea patent, US-2004206302-A1: Glass frosting and container device patent, US-2005006779-A1: Semiconductor device and method for producing the same patent, US-2005090214-A1: Audio apparatus having tuner unit and digital reproducing unit patent, US-2005136654-A1: Multiple stage electroless deposition of a metal layer patent, US-2005187655-A1: Mail inserter machine remote control with a scanner patent, US-2005192944-A1: A method and apparatus for searching large databases via limited query symbol sets patent, US-2005257358-A1: Vehicle collision repair process and system patent, US-2006055807-A1: Imaging methods, image sensors, imaging systems, and articles of manufacture patent, US-2006120146-A1: Magnetic memory device, sense amplifier circuit and method of reading from magnetic memory device patent, US-2006205002-A1: Methods for determining plasma free drug concentration by direct measurement of binding affinity of protease inhibitors to plasma proteins patent, US-2006289569-A1: Closure patent, US-2007132853-A1: Image pickup device patent, US-2007210711-A1: Plasma display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2008056082-A1: Write adjustment method patent, US-2008075624-A1: Magnesium alloy sheet processing method and magnesium alloy sheet patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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